Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ocean City ♥ Градче от 2012

Оcean City, MD is the little town where I spent the entire summer and the beginning of autumn last year. Great place to visit, it is well know with huge beaches, kites, and lots of things for entertainment. I was working at the Kite Loft - huge store for kites, games and tons of other funny things! 

♥ This is the beach in front of my store - each and every day our kite flyers should make this sky with displayed kites, when there was strong wind of course :)

♥ This is the view from my second work - I was cashier at a restaurant and this was my view every day - the boardwalk, the beach and ocean.

♥ Ocean City is very thin and very long city. Everybody can reach the ocean within 5 minutes walking, or the bay side. I think this is amazing advantage of people who live there, because everybody is close to the beach :)


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